Chairman's Greetings

I am Lee Sang Yeol, the president of YUDO China and chairman of YUDO Group.

I have been living in China for 19 years since the first time I came here back to December 6th, 1999.

Therefore, I already consider myself as one of the Chinese people. For a foreigner who came here alone with only a suitcase in the beginning, China for me, is a miraculous country to realize all my ambitions into reality. It is the incredibly magical land that offers me everything I have now.

YUDO first entered into Chinese market in 2002 as a small trading company. In 2012, 10 years later since foundation, driven by remarkable endeavors and dedication of all as well as huge support from Chinese domestic clients, YUDO is growing to be a corporation with thousands of staff from a tiny company with only 8 staff in the early stage. Meanwhile, YUDO becomes a company ranked the first place in production and sales of hot runner systems with 6 factories in China (YUDO Suzhou, YUDO Guangdong, YUDO Qingdao, Sino Hot Runner, Abide Electrics and Hot Runner Technology). In 2014, we are struggling in the way to become No. 1 in the world!

As the president of YUDO China and chairman of YUDO Group, for the sake of clients who have been supporting and caring for YUDO and the staff who dedicate all their efforts and enthusiasm, I will try my best!

Tommy Lee